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The process of applying for naturalization may seem to be straightforward, and in most cases it is.  However, hiring an attorney to represent you may be a good idea for several reasons.  The legal fee may be less than you would expect, and an attorney may determine whether you are eligible, and avoid errors that could lead to delay, denial or deportation.

There is an 18% denial rate for naturalization applications.  There are many possible reasons for denial of naturalization.  Those who have a criminal record or lengthy periods of stay outside the U.S. in particular should seek the advice of an attorney before proceeding.

Also, if the USCIS determines that you should not have received your green card in the first place (because of fraud or another ground of inadmissibility), it could try to take away your green card and remove you from the United States.

The attorney will discuss your case with you in an initial consultation.  If you then decide to hire us to represent you, we will prepare the application and attend the naturalization interview with you.









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