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Labor Certification Approval Rate


PERM Labor Certifications (March 2005 through September 2008):

Number filed:               286,644

Number approved:        220,883

Number denied:             60,221

Approval rate:                77%


PERM Cases Filed By Law Offices of James A. Bach:

Number filed:                  90

Number approved:           83*

Number denied:               1 [resulting from clear error by DOL; applicant now has green card]

Pending with DOL             6 [filed within past 6 months and waiting for response]

Approval rate:                  99%*



* No guarantee is made that all (or any) of our cases will be successful.  The labor certification process is subject to variables in the job market, errors by DOL, prevailing wage issues, and the full cooperation of both employer and employee.  However, our track record does reflect our commitment to excellence and a likelihood that the cases we handle will be approved.



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