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On June 30, 2006, new legislation ("SKIL Bill") was introduced in the House of Representatives, similar to that passed by the Senate earlier this year.  If passed, the SKIL Bill would:

bulletExempt those with U.S. advanced degrees from the H-1B quota.
bulletIncrease the H-1B quota for everyone else.
bulletIncrease the quota for employment-based green cards, thus relieving the current backlogs in the EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 immigration categories.

This bill has a much greater chance of becoming law than the comprehensive immigration reform bills that are in the news, and we may see relief from the H-1B and employment-based green card quotas within the next few months.

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  Full Text of H-1B and I-140 portability law, "AC 21"


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