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Some applicants for U.S. immigration status may be "inadmissible" because of a past violation of immigration laws or for other reasons.  Grounds of inadmissibility include a false statement on an application, unlawful presence in the U.S., or criminal activity. 

Often a waiver of inadmissibility can be obtain based on extreme hardship to a U.S. family member.  The Law Offices of James A. Bach has specialized in preparing effective and successful waivers for several decades.

The following information about waivers of inadmissibility may be helpful*:

Grounds of Inadmissibility

James Bach Article - Inadmissibility because of Misrepresentation or Fraud

Unlawful Presence  -  USCIS Memo, May 2009

Extreme Hardship Waiver - AAO Decision

If you believe you may be inadmissible, it is crucial that you obtain sound legal advice before applying for any immigration benefit.



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